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Landscape Installation

Our installation crews have a wide range of skills in landscape construction and are an extremely important part of our landscape team. Your Landscape Installation must be carried out in a professional manner, with proven building techniques and quality materials, if it is to achieve the vision of your Master Landscape Design. Communication is key to realize your vision. Depending on the scope of your project we will schedule one or more project meetings, to address any issues or concerns.

Site Prep

Excavation and Rough Grade

Hardscape Construction

Softscape Installation

The Details

The Reveal 

Acquire any needed building permits and notify Ohio Utility Protection Service. Conduct onsite construction meeting with your Project Manager. General site clean-up and removal of any unwanted vegetation, structures, hardscapes

Irrigation / Drainage Installation

We shape the ground your landscape is built on. It involves excavation for pools, patios, walks or drives and landscape elements, we construct any mounds and grade your property to control surface flow. Planting pits for larger specimen plants are sometime constructed during this phase.

Our sprinkler system installations are zoned according to plant water requirements and will have matched  precipitation. Your complete irrigation system will be installed, excluding heads that are best set after finished grade is established. Any installation of drains will be done during this phase.

Our Hardscapes are built on rock solid foundations. We are proud of our detailed hardscapes and believe the most important detail is the foundation. We use quality building materials installed to unmatched tolerances and build everything as it was our own.

Softscape installations start with establishing finished grades and amending the soil. Peat, humus, fertilizers and imported soil are all incorporated into all planting areas. Soil is the foundation your landscape grows in, we do all we can to ensure your plants thrive. All our plants are nursery selected exclusively for your landscape project. We place your plants adhering to the highest industry standards. Any needed sprinkler head placement will be completed at this time.

Clean up, top off the water feature, rake the mulch, adjust the sprinkler, adjust the lights and plant the annuals. In other words, make it picture perfect.

No project is complete without a designer client walk through. When work is complete we will schedule the reveal meeting. You will be instructed on operation and maintenance of your landscape elements. We will give you information on the care of your landscape plants.

Outdoor Kitchen - Overhead
Outdoor Kitchen - Elevation

Landscape Lighting Installation

Your landscape lighting wiring is installed during the above installation processes. Fixtures not built into landscape elements are installed now. Our Landscape Lighting installations enhance the beauty of your landscape. Well-placed lighting can improve safety, making paths, steps, driveways and walkways easier to negotiate, and quality lighting can improve overall security of your property.

Shade Tree Planting
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