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Landscape Concept Design

Now we develop your Landscape Concept Design based on the details revealed in the consultation. The goal is to define your vision and refine the general design idea. Based on your feedback, the Landscape Concept Design is the benchmark we will use to produce the Master Landscape Design. Depending on the scope and complexity of your project, this phase may require an additional round of back and forth between us, this is fine and normal we’re working within a fixed rate.

Your Landscape Concept Design will include all facets of your project. Hardscapes, evergreen screens, location of specimen plants and unique elements all will be defined. We also provide an estimate of the completed project. If needed, we will tweak the Landscape Concept Design. Then we will specify individual plants, pavers, wall stone, colors, textures, etc. With the information gathered at the Landscape Concept Design presentation / meeting we will prepare your Landscape Master Plan.

What is in the Landscape Concept Plan?

The Landscape Concept Design presentation is where we maximize your landscape budget while retaining the vision of our first meeting.
Landscape Concept Design

Concept Design

Proposed pool, Deck, Patio and Walkways

evergreen screens and specimen trees have been located., bed lines have been defined.

upon concept and budget approval, selection of colors and textures we prepare The Master Landscape Plan.

Pool Detail
Paver Detail
HGTV - Landscape Designers
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