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Landscape Design Consultation

We meet with you on site to discuss your vision and goals for your landscape, how you want to use it, and budget. A lot gets done in this hour-long interview, here’s what to expect.

Foremost, this first face-to-face conversation could be the beginning of many sessions, calls and emails. Does it feel comfortable? Are you excited about the ideas discussed? Do they mesh with your thoughts? We provide on the spot ideas and general input during this meeting, which is gratis. This will allow you to experience a little of our communication, listening, vision & problem-solving expertise. At the end of the consultation, if it’s a good fit, and you’re curious about specifics and pricing, we’ll prepare a design contract for a fixed price.

The most common way that we work with people is through producing Master Landscape Design. The process is aimed at finding the best solutions to your landscape needs. The process begins with our on site meeting where we can assess the scope of the project. This meeting is like a mini consultation but, we do not charge a fee for our initial meeting. At this meeting, we will discuss what your needs and budget, we will give you great ideas on how we will approach the design. After the initial meeting, we write a fixed fee proposal for our services.


Generally, services are in two design phases and one construction phase. The first in the landscape design phase is the Landscape Concept Design. Here we present you with a landscape concept design including the different features that you are looking for. We like our clients to take an active part in the design process so your ideas on plants, hardscape, etc. can be incorporated into the Master Landscape Design. This phase will include preliminary cost estimates, allowing you to make the needed decisions in completing the Landscape Master Design.

After all the decisions are made, the Landscape Design moves to the final stage. This is the time we prepare the Master Landscape Design which are buildable plans along with and any needed specifications. When the Master Landscape Design is complete, it’s time to build your vision.

Landscape Design Process

Our Landscape Designs and Installations 

Your vision is what ultimately matters the most. And we have the experience and resources to design to your specifications, comfort and budget. Dream it and we will build it. Trusting French Creek Gardens to Design and Manage your landscape improvement, will ensure that neither your work nor your personal life get derailed while your landscape is created. A well-installed landscape is critical to the ultimate success of your new outdoor space. Delivering the highest industry standards with a keen eye for detail is what we do.

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